Minister of Finance Helps Home Owners

In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands

According to a draft new regulation, the Treasury will not collect tax on the depreciated part of mortgages. Mariusz Zygierewicz explains that the regulations will apply regardless of the currency in which the mortgage was taken. He also adds, that thanks to he change, any inequalities among borrowers will disappear. Moreover, he points out that only those who obtained loans after 14 January 2015; those who did not use the real estate as accommodation; those who are allowed to have their credits depreciated due to accidents and those whom bank has already helped with mortgage repayment may use this exemption. The regulation will apply to everyone who has a mortgage, but is generally focused on the large number of people who took mortgages in Swiss francs and were later affected by its soaring value. On account of this, banks agreed to modify mortgages and depreciate some part of them. Furthermore, some banks also decided to apply negative interest rates thanks to which borrowers do not have to repay their mortgages as well as some of their capital.


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