Safety for Tourists

Helping Tourists

Helping Tourists

If in doubt about who is responsible for organising a trip, there are four possible ways to check. Details about tourist operators are collected in the Provincial Governor’s Office, the Central Register of Tour Operators and Intermediaries and in the Inspectorate of Education. It is also possible to check if an operator is an associate of the Chamber of Tourism. This is not mandatory, but such membership gives credibility to the operator. Both a natural person and a company can become operators and organise trips. The Chamber of Tourism complains that Polish law allows non-authorised persons to organise trips. Travelling with such an operator might be risky. People with criminal records or even paedophiles can easily organise such trips. The Polish Chamber of Tourism is constantly struggling to allow only authorised people to become operators, people who run businesses and have experience organising trips for children and young people.


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