Store Modernisation

Warsaw's CeDeT

Warsaw’s CeDeT

At the corner of Bracka Street in Warsaw, Doraco has begun expansion of the former Central Department Store (CDT). The famous building which once housed children’s store Smyk, will still have six floors, but the building’s standards will be raised and office space will be increased. According to the investor, the quality of the property will fulfil BREEAM Certificate requirements (system of quality assessment of buildings in relation to the quality of the indoor environment, energy efficiency, the availability of public transport, building materials, building operations management, water and waste management). The expansion of CDT was designed according to the guidelines of Warsaw’s conservator so that the building will fit into the architecture of Warsaw’s centre. According to Andżelika Cieślowska, chairperson of Doraco, social issues have had a huge impact on the project. The company is taking care to minimise any resulting difficulties like additional traffic or noise. She claims that the company will do its best to make the expansion and renovation of CDT as easy for residents and commuters as possible. It is planned to be finish in the third quarter of 2017.


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