Communist Flats Popular

"Wielka Płyta" Flats

“Wielka Płyta” Flats

Housing estates constructed from large panels of pre-fabricated concrete are not only associated with the communist Polish People’s Republic, but also with low prices and good locations. They are doing well on the housing market. Although tiny flats in large-panel block of flats often carry the risk of such inconveniences as having uneven ceilings or leaky windows, analysts claim that such flats can be more profitable than modern flats in city centres. When in the 1970s Warsaw’s Ursynów Północny district was being designed by architect Marek Budzyński, the estate was planned to constitute an independent part of the city. Due to the resistance of the communist authorities the concept was implemented only partially, however, the idea of having a well-developed social infrastructure and convenient transport stayed. In Poland, large-panel blocks had been built since the 1950s, although designers did not think they would be long-lasting and according to their estimates, the useful life of these flats is now coming to an end. The key elements in their structure are not very solid, however, different technological possibilities of improving maintenance have increased. Therefore, because their structural integrity in no longer a danger, these flats are become cheaper because they might have an older elevator or no garage. According to Marcin Krasoń of Home Broker, the Polish market is diverse, because some flats have been renovated and insulated, whereas others remain as they were twenty years ago.


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