Lubin to Expand?

Lubin Sights

Lubin Sights

Lubin is preparing 500 ha of land for investment, hoping that other companies will soon replace KGHM. Robert Raczyński, mayor of Lubin, is preparing the city for the time when KGHM will no longer be the region’s chief employer. “People have to be employed in other sectors that is why the city is preparing an industrial zone of 500 ha which will be placed on the border between an urban and rural commune, near the S3 expressway, which is currently under construction,” says Ryszard Wawryniewicz from CEDOS, a consulting firm working for the city. The area which belongs to communes and the Agricultural Property Agency will be accessible not only from the junction near S3, but also from a provincial road. The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) has already signed an agreement with Mota-Engil, the Portuguese contractor for the road that will be finished in 2.5 years. “At the same time we will be working in the industrial area which is part of an Economy Ministry project which provides preparation work for investment areas near expressways. Preparatory work is under way. “We need new spatial management plans and infrastructure construction plans. Soon we will be able to talk with investors,” says Wawryniewicz. The city wants the industrial area to be part of the Legnica Special Economic Zone. For the last few years, 14.87 ha of Lubin land is already in the zone. “Nobody has invested here. The land is quite difficult. It needs levelling off. Moreover, because of KGHM, Lubin is known to be an expensive city. If you filter out the miners, the salaries are not high,” claims Dorota Włoch, vice-president of the Legnica Special Economic Zone“This area could be well connected with the city, investors do not like zones to be in open-space. In Legnica, the Legnickie Pole Subzone is developing well, unlike Krzywa that is doing a little worse,” says Włoch. Ryszard Wawrykiewicz speaks well about the new area: “I have seen a lot of investment areas. This one is one of the best in Poland.”


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