Offset Agreed for F-16s

Improving Military

Improving Military

An offset agreement on the purchase of multi-purpose F-16s by Poland, which was worth $6 billion 28 million, has been implemented, following agreement between the Ministry of Economy and Lockheed Martin. Deputy Minister of Economy Arkadiusz Bąk; Vice President of Business Development at Lockheed Martin George Standridge, and the Ambassador of the United States Stephen Mull took part in the ceremony. The deputy Minister indicated that the offset agreement has improved Poland’s defence capabilities in terms of exploiting its F-16s. The US Ambassador noted that owing to the programme, not only projects which have directly improved Poland’s defence capabilities have been implemented, but also projects which concern other industries. He mentioned the Opel factory in Gliwice and Lotos as examples, which thanks to modern technology have started manufacturing highly processed products such as jet fuel and paraffin. The vice President of Lockheed Martin claims that the technologies delivered under the agreement and other investments will bring economic benefits for Poland.


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