Testament to Problems

Testament to Problems

Testament to Problems

People who are entitled to inherit someone’s estate are informed about all bank accounts and investments possessed by the deceased person when they present the necessary documents to authorise them to take over an estate. Accordingly, they must present the appropriate documents that they are a member of the closest family of the deceased person, and they must present the deceased person’s will in which they are mentioned, as only having a right to inherit his/her money will not be sufficient. Only a court or notary public may confirm that they can claim the inheritance. Being in possession of a will does not guarantee that we receive the inheritance, as the dead person might have made more than one will and the courts will eventually decide who is the main heir. Moreover, it may appear that a will is not valid because it does not comply with specific requirements i.e. it was typed and only signed by the deceased person. Banks cannot disclose information about their clients and how much money they possess in their account. Such information is confidential.


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