Murder on Request

Perfect Murder?

Perfect Murder?

According to police, evidence suggests that 17-year-old Agata from Wejherowo, whose body was found in February in a park in Gdańsk, meticulously planned her own murder. Her motives remain unclear. At first, the police speculated that the girl, who attended a cadet school and wanted to serve in the army, decided to end her own life upon finding out that her health problems precluded her from pursuing the career she dreamt of. Agata disclosed her plans to two of her friends, asking for help. One of them, Wiktoria M., was supposed to kill Agata in the manner and location previously chosen by the victim. A day after the crime, Wiktoria M. was admitted to hospital with serious mental issues. During the few weeks that she spent there, she attempted to help another patient commit suicide, using a sharp instrument. While the intended victim survived, Wiktoria M. succeeded in drawing the attention of the police to herself, quickly becoming the prime suspect in Agata’s murder. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, shortly after Wiktoria M. was released from hospital, Agata’s mobile phone, which had been missing since the murder, was activated, proving the girl’s involvement in the crime. Now, Wiktoria M. is facing 25 years in prison, while Agata’s second friend, who knew about the planned murder but did nothing to prevent it, is being accused of obstruction of justice.


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