Bee Hotels

Helping Bees

Helping Bees

The Mokotów district in Warsaw has begun installing tree hotels for bees, as part of the Little Houses for Our Winged Friends with Stripes project. Forty-eight such houses are already in place. The remaining one hundred are to join them soon. The main purpose of the 30-centimetre-high structures is to give shelter to various insects, including bees, butterflies, and beetles. Since the houses are a new addition to local parks, each structure includes a small plate informing residents why the houses have been put up and what their function is. The plates are not permanently fixed to trees, so as not to damage the trunks unnecessarily, and will be removed once people get used to the idea. The hotels are primarily meant to help increase the number of beneficial insects in the vicinity and prevent them from disappearing; however, this is not their only purpose. If the project proves successful, the number of plants that are pollinated and bear fruit will rise, increasing the amount of food available not only to various insects but also to other animals living in the city, including birds.


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