Petrol Price Increases

Petrol Power

Petrol Power

Prices of petrol and oil are increasing while gas is getting cheaper. During the last week, prices for the petrol and oil increased by about PLN 0.08 per litre, while LPG decreased by about PLN 0.03. Rafał Zywert who works at brokerage office Refleks in Łódź puts it down to the decrease in value of the Polish złoty and the increase of wholesale prices. However, the rapid fall of prices will not cause any radical changes in prices at gas stations. He added that since the beginning of December 2014, petrol and oil are the most expensive fuels. Nonetheless, fuel and gas are about PLN 0.50 cheaper than one year ago. Averages prices today are PLN 4.87 per litre of Pb95 petrol; PLN 4.76 per litre of oil and PLN 1.94 per litre of LPG.


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