70% of Poles Against Euro

Euro Threat

Euro Threat

According to CBOS report, 70% of Poles are against the adoption of the euro and 25% are for it. This number of euro opponents is at its highest level ever. “Reluctance to the euro is still not decreasing in Poland and the proportion of opponents is the highest ever recorded,” according to the report. It also states: “Interestingly, objection to adopting the euro is not only rising but also more categorically expressed (with more people answering ‘definitely not’ than ‘rather not'”. CBOS notes that the greatest support for replacing the złoty with the euro was reported in January 2002 (64%), before Poland’s accession to the EU. “In 2007-2008, supporters and opponents for the adoption of the European currency were at similar levels. In the first quarter of 2009, following the accession of Slovakia to the euro zone and during discussion on the possibility and legitimacy of rapid adoption of the euro by Poland, support for the introduction of the common currency rose to 52-53%,” the CBOS report states.


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