Last Hope for Left Wing?

Robert Biedroń

Robert Biedroń

In light of growing support for conservative parties and the devastating defeat of candidates endorsed by the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and Your Movement (TR) in the recent presidential elections, the mayor of Słupsk Robert Biedroń is seen by many as the last hope for Poland’s left wing. Biedroń, encouraged by his supporters to run for president in the 2020 elections, does not want to commit to anything just yet, explaining that his plans do not extend that far into the future. When it comes to the precarious situation of the left wing before the upcoming parliamentary elections, Biedroń says that leftists need to find a ‘messiah’ of their own if they want to stop the conservatives from winning. For many voters with liberal or leftist inclinations, the recent presidential elections amounted to choosing between the plague or cholera, due to the fact that both candidates who made it to the second round represented conservative circles. In an interview for Gazeta Wyborcza, Biedroń complimented the newly elected president on his conciliatory character, but was quick to add that the ideology that Duda subscribes to is at odds with his own character: “I know that he will impose a conservative, fundamentalist worldview on us. I’m worried about it because Andrzej Duda, much like Law and Justice (PiS), holds reactionary views, which increase divisions and are detrimental to seeing the state as a cohesive unit.”


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