Solar Energy for All?

More Power?

More Power?

According to data provided by the Institute of Renewable Energy, Photovoltaics (a method of converting solar energy into direct electricity) is improving year on year. Installed capacity (out-grid and off-grid) already reached 12.7MW in April 2015 in Poland. Moreover, IRE expects that companies will begin selling 100MW panels in 2015. Growing interest in Photovoltaics is making the industry more valuable. IRE claims sales reached PLN 99 million in May 2014 and PLN 121.5 million for the whole of 2014. Other companies are convinced that the situation is actually much better. Łukasz Nowiński, head of FreeVolt, a company specialising in the sale of photovoltaic systems, believes that the IRE data actually underestimates the value of solar energy because the survey did not take into consideration all companies on the market. Mariusz Stawarz, sales director at Tarnów Hymon Energy says that they have had 300% more orders than at the same time last year.


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