100 Licenses Taken Daily

Stop! (c) Zbigniew Woniak

Stop! (c) Zbigniew Woniak

In the first week of the implementation of new traffic regulations, almost 700 drivers were caught exceeding the speed limit in built-up area, with many losing their driver’s licences. If the police keep taking them away at this rate, by the end of the year 20,000 drivers will have lost their licences. Before the new regulations were implemented, police officers could file a motion to court for a driver to be banned in cases of flagrant violation of the law. Today, twice as many drivers are losing their licences after the change, which fell on 18 May. However, Polish drivers seem to be wary of the new penalties and are driving more cautiously than before. Data reveals a decline in the number of accidents (877 fewer than last year), casualties (155 fewer), and injuries (1,514 fewer). According to European Commission road safety data (published 15 March), Poland has improved and is no longer Europe’s most dangerous country with regards to road safety. Poland has now leapfrogged Bulgaria, Lithuania, Romania and Latvia.


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