Digital Textbooks Delayed

Revolution in Poland?

Revolution in Poland?

The Centre for Education Development (ORE) has informed the public that digital textbooks promised by the Ministry of Education will not be ready until mid-November. The textbooks were supposed to have been completed by the end of this month, so as to leave time for the reviewing process, which could take up to three months. While the Ministry of Education claims that pupils will be able to use parts of the textbooks right from the beginning of the school year, only a few of the promised 5,195 lessons have been made available, and ORE has yet to show a single finished textbook. It seems that the work will go on until the very last minute, as Grupa Edukacyjna SA, responsible for preparing materials for the youngest age group, has only recently put a contract for recording voiceovers (over 300 pages), sound effects and dramatizations out to tender. The editorial staff at ORE, consisting primarily of former glossy magazine contributors, is currently busy rewording materials provided by subcontractors, in order to make the textbooks intelligible to children. The work on 64 digital textbooks for 14 courses ranging from primary school to high school began in 2012 and took over PLN 45 million.


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