No Barbecue Bans

BBQ Problems

BBQ Problems

Legal regulations in Poland do not forbid people having a barbecue in the garden, a public park or on their balcony. However, fans of barbecuing should keep in their minds that no matter where they choose to have a BBQ, they should respect the rights of others. It is therefore good to remember that our neighbours may dislike the smell of sizzling pork on a hot summer day. However, if we cannot resist barbecuing on our balcony, we should pay special attention to what is around us. For example, a sudden blow of wind can blow sparks into someone else’s flat and cause a fire. Moreover, some housing communities have regulations banning things that are irritating to other inhabitants, barbecues included. However, even if such regulations are violated, no one can actually be punished for it, since their execution lies only in the hands of housing estate officials. Therefore, should we wish to have a BBQ on our balcony, we should go to these officials to find out whether having a BBQ is forbidden or not.


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