Trolley-bus Revolution

Solaris Tramino

Solaris Tramino

The Solaris factory has finished production of the two first trolley-buses for the city of Olsztyn. Solaris Tramino is being tested in Poznań and deliveries will begin in mid-June, when Olsztyn will be provided with the first of fifteen modern two-way, low-floor trolley-buses. The whole contract will be realised by the end of September this year. This means that after more than fifty years break, rail transport will return to the city. The trolley-buses can hold more than 200 passengers, including 43 seated passengers. The air-conditioned interiors are CCTV-monitored. So far, Solaris, more well-known for manufacturing conventional buses, has realised orders for 45 trolley-buses in Poznań and 5 two-way vehicles for Jena, Germany. It will also provide 18 rail vehicles for Brunswick. Trolley-bus transport has received large subsidies in Polish cities and in the nearest six years, the EU will allocate more than PLN 13 billion for the development of this form of transport in Poland, according to Times Capital Group. Warsaw is planning to spend PLN 2.2 billion on 180 trolley-buses and trolley-bus routes. Kraków authorities have spent approximately PLN 2 billion to have the second part of their fast trolley-bus route completed this year, with two more parts to be completed by 2020. Gdańsk authorities have spend PLN 1.6 billion on this method of transport.


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