Dancing with Ogórek

Cucumber Style

Cucumber Style

There is a chance that Magdalena Ogórek will return to the spotlight. Fakt reports that the former presidential candidate of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) received an offer to participate in the next season of the Polish edition of Dancing with the Stars. After unsuccessfully running for president, Ogórek practically disappeared from the media; however, this could change, as Polsat, currently broadcasting Dancing with the Stars, wants the politician to appear on the popular show. Whether or not Ogórek will take Polsat up on its offer is anybody’s guess. Fakt lists all the potential advantages of participating in the show. Most notably, the currently unemployed politician would get a chance to bolster her finances, seeing as the most popular stars are paid up to PLN 10,000 per episode. Ogórek would not be the first person associated with politics to appear on the show. Previous seasons featured former Labour Minister Anna Kalata, President Lech Wałęsa’s daughter Maria, President Aleksander Kwaśniewski’s daughter Aleksandra, and the then Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s daughter Katarzyna, among others.


One comment

  1. feralc4t · June 24, 2015

    I don’t know much but Dancing with the stars and Lech Wałęsa should not share the same limelight


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