Hairdresser for Homeless

Cutting Across Culture

Cutting Across Culture

Adam Szulc, renowned barber with 30 years experience, visited a shelter in Poznań to offer his services to the homeless. Szulc, whose usual clients include rock stars and famous sportsmen, used to work at a salon run by a hairdressers’ association, where the poor were attended to free of charge. The hairdresser says: “This is where the idea to organise something similar came from, really. For many years, it didn’t work out, for various reasons, but I figured that now was high time to go back to my plans. I can make money on other days, but today is all about showing my loved ones and employees that helping others is important. We can never be sure that we won’t find ourselves in a similar predicament one day.” Starting early in the morning, Szulc, his son and one of his trainees gave haircuts to the homeless. In order to make the provisional hairdressing salon look as professional as possible, the barbers brought all the necessary furniture and equipment with them. Szulc is already planning similar ventures. In September, he and a group of other hairdressers will visit a children’s home in Wrocław.


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