Bicycle Trolleys in Bieszczady

Poland's Bieszczady

Poland’s Bieszczady

An unusual form of transport has been made available in Poland’s Bieszczady region. New bicycle trolleys, complete with pedals, saddles and benches, are now travelling along one of the oldest railway tracks in Poland. The idea is the brainchild of railway enthusiasts, who decided to bring long-forgotten line No. 108 back to life. The tracks were laid down over 140 years ago, under the reign of Franz Joseph I (Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary) with their glory days long since passed. As it has been a  long time since the last train travelled this way, the tracks were covered with rust and overgrown with weeds. Now, however, the fate of this historic railway may change owing to the new trolleys. In order to see this tourist attraction, one has to travel to Uherce Mineralne, to its small train station. It is from this station that looks like something out of another era, that the trolleys travel from in two directions: to Zagórze and to Ustrzyki Dolne to the Ukraine border crossing in Krościenko. The entire track is 46 kilometres long and is one of the longest of its kind in Europe. Janusz Demkowicz, who first suggested the trolleys be used, says: “I’m glad that the idea panned out. It was only possible thanks to the support of both the local government in Olszanica and PKP (Polish State Railways). We’re hoping that our trolleys will become an integral part of the landscape.”


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