Varsovians Fight Authorities

Symbol of Warsaw

Symbol of Warsaw

The announcement concerning plans for the demolition of Femina cinema has met with strong disapproval from the citizens of Warsaw. It is worth pointing out that the cinema symbolizes the family roots and history of the Polish capital. Femina is a part of the history and heritage of Warsaw. Instead of demolishing it, one possible solution is to convert it into a museum of cinematography. Additional amusements, especially for children, should also be provided, as well as special film screenings and film festivals. The museum could become a new tourist hotspot giving tourists the extraordinary opportunity to feel the unique atmosphere of a Polish cinema with roots and tradition. Another idea for Femina is to create some kind of community centre where education and amusement is combined with watching films. The initiative would contribute to developing the skills and creativity of young Varsovians. There is still hope that the authorities of Warsaw will respect citizens’ wishes and not demolish Femina but give it a new lease of life.


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