Opportunities on Real Estate Market

Capital Boom

Capital Boom

According to a report prepared by real estate agents Szybko.pl, Metrohouse and Expander, prices on the secondary real estate market in June in the 15 largest Polish cities dropped by 1.6% YOY. Compared to May, they grew by 0.1%. It is predicated that Poles can expect a boom on this market in the coming months. Marta Kosińska, a Szybko.pl real estate market expert, believes that it will be caused the typical increased activity of realty buyers and renters during the autumn, as well as changes in regulations and more MdMs (Apartments for Young Adults). In almost all cities in which markets have been analysed (except Wrocław), average transaction prices dropped slightly when compared to the previous month’s prices. The most significant fall in prices has been observed in Gdynia and Gdańsk. The most noticeable difference between offered prices and transaction prices was observed in Krakow (a difference of 8%), whereas in Warsaw, offered prices are 2% higher than the prices at which the properties are eventually bought.


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