600 km in Wheelchair

Adrian Beśœciak

Adrian Beśœciak

20-year-old Adrian Beściak embarked on a journey of 600 km in his wheelchair in order to raise money to help 12-year-old Kuba. The boy suffers from hernial protrusion of the spinal cord and, like Adrian, uses a wheelchair. Ten years ago, Kuba’s parents set out to build a house; however, they ran out of money and were unable to finish the construction. Now, the family of four lives in a single room without even so much as a bathroom. Adrian, who has been using a wheelchair since suffering a minibike accident four years ago, offered to help. As he travelled an average of 50 km a day in the summer heat, Adrian appealed to the public to donate money for Kuba’s family to a dedicated account. “There were moments of crisis. Once, I got too close to a car to get a fresh bottle of water and I damaged one of the wheels of my wheelchair,” says Adrian. “Another time, I bet the crew that I could travel 50 km with only one break and I ended up feeling dizzy,” he adds. Adrian managed to raise over PLN 26,000 for Kuba; the younger boy’s family received the money during a press conference.


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