Pensioner Funds Hospital

Original Knight Hospitaller

Original Knight Hospitaller

One year ago, an elderly man visited the Knights Hospitallers in Chojny. He requested to speak to the prior of the community and moments later he was ushered into the hospital’s administrative office. Franciszek Salezy Chmiel, member of the order, says: “He introduced himself as doctor Wacław Łęcki. He said he was 91 and that he came to us because he wanted to build a new hospital”. Brother Chmiel admits that at first he was sceptical; he told the older man that the idea required some thought. One week later, Wacław Łecki returned. He told the monks that he did not have much time left and that, if they wanted to proceed, they needed to hurry. The elderly man owned three hectares of land and wanted to start building there. As it turned out, the Knights Hospitallers had already started building a rehabilitation centre in another place, but they lacked sufficient funds to finish the construction and open the facility. The monks suggested that instead of building another centre, Łęcki could help the Knights Hospitallers complete the unfinished one and have it named after himself. The man agreed, explaining: “I didn’t choose this hospital randomly. I had a chance to see many different hospitals in Łódź, but only the one ran by the Brothers Hospitallers really stood out. They treat their patients well.”


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