Leaders to Fight in Warsaw

Kopacz and Kaczyński

Kopacz and Kaczyński

Rumors that the Law and Justice deputy Beata Szydło will become its leader or at least truly independent have proved to be exaggerated. In Warsaw, the genuine leaders of the two largest parties in Poland will fight it out with each other during the upcoming parliamentary elections. Ewa Kopacz versus Jarosław Kaczyński. For a moment it seemed that the Law and Justice (PiS) candidate for Prime Minister (Beata Szydło) would represent PiS in Warsaw thus competing head to head with the current Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz who will represent Civic Platform (PO) in Warsaw. Any illusions were dispelled by Szydło herself. Not only did she indicate that she would be the candidate for Chrzanów, but also that everyone in PiS understands that if they win the elections this autumn, the real leader, directing the government from the back seat, will be Kaczyński. Szydło, when questioned by journalists about the rumours concerning her possible candidacy in the capital, said, “Jarosław Kaczyński is the head of Law and Justice and he will represent Warsaw”. The fact that Beata Szydło used the word “leader” about Kaczyński twice in one sentence shows both her total loyalty to the PiS head as well as a certain anxiety about Kaczyński not taking seriously her campaign image of being an ‘independent’ Prime Minister.


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