Mysterious Coal Loss

Tauron Mining

Tauron Mining

One of Poland’s leading coal mining companies Tauron Wydobycie has filed a motion to court detailing a significant inaccuracy in the amount of coal stock in the Sobieski mining plant, approximately 100,000 tonnes of coal less than expected. This is either the result of falsification of mining statistics or the largest case of theft in the history of Polish mining. Tauron Wydobycie is part of giant Tauron Polska Energia, the largest Polish energy provider and second largest producer of electrical power. During an audit, Tauron discovered that residual coal stock is lower than expected Marta Baran, Tauron Polska Energia spokesman, said that the whole situation is extremely suspicious and the company is continuing its stocktaking. She also mentioned that surveyors are measuring this loss of coal loss and the data is being compared with daily mining reports. Mining sector experts believe that in order to steal such an enormous amount of coal as 100,000 tonnes, the operation would have demanded hundreds of train cars. This is not the first case of a mysterious loss of coal in Polish coal mining sector. A few years ago, the technical director of Halemba-Wirek mining plant admitted that daily mining data had been falsified. He admitted to a discrepancy of over 56,000 tonnes in mined coal. He justified his actions by the fact that Kompania Węglowa was planning to shut down the mine.


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