Little Big Problem

U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Rey Ramon


The Volunteer Fire Brigade in Bierutów near Oleśnica have a brand new fire engine. Unfortunately, they cannot use it, as the vehicle does not fit into the fire station. The gate is precisely 6 cm too short, not only for the new fire engine but also for older vehicles equipped with ladders. Firefighters reported the situation to various institutions, but, as it turns out, the problem is more difficult than it might seem. At first, the firefighters wanted to enlarge the gate by carving into the wall above the entrance; however, the local conservation office vetoed the idea, suggesting that the driveway be lowered instead. What made this suggestion even more feasible was the fact that the street in front of the fire station was being renovated at the time, and the works were to encompass the driveway. Despite this, civil engineers decided not to lower the driveway. According to the firefighters, the requested change was not included in the initial renovation plan and their subsequent pleas to change it fell on deaf ears. Now, the only possible solution is for the firefighters to keep using the rear gate, which requires squeezing through an extremely narrow street, which is usually blocked by parked cars. The firefighters explain: “In the event of danger, every second counts. This isn’t just our problem; it affects everyone in the area. What happens if we can’t make it in time?”
Gazeta Wyborcza


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