Talented Polish Teenagers

Top of the Class

Top of the Class

This summer, Polish students won over twenty medals in various international competitions. These prestigious contests attract hundreds of participants from all over the world competing with each other in teams representing their countries. Polish students consistently rank high in such contests. This year, they brought home four gold medals, as well as eight silver and fourteen bronze; this result may yet improve, as the winners of the Geography contest are to be announced mid-August. What makes particular students succeed? There is no simple answer; however, what they all have in common, regardless of their area of interest, are hours spent solving exercises, performing experiments, and participating in educational summer camps, while their schoolmates relax and enjoy the summer. Although outstanding students can be found all over the country, the majority of successful contestants come from Warsaw. Jarosław Jóźwiak, deputy major of Warsaw, promises that the city will make an effort to keep the best students in the country. This will not be easy, as winners of subject contests often receive tempting offers from universities and prospective employers.
Gazeta Wyborcza


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