PiS Leads in Polls

Fot. Marek Podmokly / Agencja Gazeta

Beata Szydło – PM?

According to a survey conducted by Estymator for Newsweek, Law and Justice (PiS) could garner as much as 41% in the upcoming parliamentary elections. A result this high would allow the party to form a government on its own, without the need to form a coalition. The second largest party would be Civic Platform (PO), supported by 28% of respondents. The Kukiz Movement, the Polish People’s Party (PSL), and the United Left (ZL) coalition could each count on the support of 6% of voters. If these predictions are correct, only PiS, PO, PSL, and the Kukiz Movement will be represented in the new parliament, since ZL, as a coalition, would have to meet a higher electoral threshold in order to win any seats. Neither Ryszard Petru’s Modern Poland nor Korwin-Mikke’s newest formation would pass the electoral threshold, with 4% and 2% respectively. The steepest decline in support has been registered for Paweł Kukiz’s party: support for the rock star has plunged from 20% to 6% in just three months.


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