Duda the Dude in Estonia

President Duda

President Duda

Estonian Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas published a picture on Twitter after Polish president Andrzej Duda visited Estonia and thanked him for wearing the yellow ribbon as a sign of support for Eston Kohver. “I want to thank Andrzej Duda for yesterday’s visit and yellow ribbon as a sign of support for Eston Kohver,” wrote Roivas. Duda, during his visit to Tallinn, wore the ribbon on his jacket, which is a sign of solidarity with Kohver, the Estonian security services officer, who was sentenced by the Russians. Kohver was kidnapped in September last year at a border area. He was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment for espionage, illegal possession of arms and crossing the border. His trial lasted several days. Duda said: “In this situation we need wise diplomacy and within the framework of NATO we must take care of our security to assure our people that they are safe. I am convinced that, together with the President, we can lead this wise policy.


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