Golden Train Found?

Nazi Gold?

Nazi Gold?

Treasure hunters from all over the country are rushing to Wałbrzych to look for the long-lost “golden train,” now rumoured to have been found. General Conservator and State Secretary at the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Piotr Żuchowski cautions against it, warning that whoever finds the train might end up paying with their lives. Far from being protected by any curses, the legendary train is rumoured to have been filled not only with treasures but also with explosives. The story has it that the Nazis used the train to move large quantities of gold from Wrocław, but ultimately left the train concealed inside a railway tunnel, purposely blowing up and masking the entrance. Various documents and witness accounts supposedly point to the treasure being hidden in the vicinity of Wałbrzych, somewhere along the railway connecting the two cities. Recently, two men came forward claiming that they had found the treasure. On 26 August, the authorities in Wałbrzych confirmed that the train had been located in the area, which resulted in a number of treasure hunters equipped with metal detectors rushing to the city, apparently counting on getting their hands on the treasure before the authorities decide on how to proceed.


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