Monument to 17-Year-Old Hero

Danuta "Inka" Siedzikówna

Danuta “Inka” Siedzikówna

A monument to Danuta “Inka” Siedzikówna, killed in 1946 by the Polish communist authorities, has been unveiled in Gdańsk. The monument was created by Andrzej Renes and cost around PLN 40,000; all the funds came from donations. Danuta Siedzikówna was born in September 1928 in Guszczewina (Podlasie region). At 15, she became a member of the Polish Home Army (AK) using the pseudonym Inka and underwent nurse training. Two years later, Inka was arrested by the Polish secret police (UB) and accused of working for the anti-communist resistance. Freed by the AK, she returned to working as a nurse and liaison, participating in operations against the NKVD (KGB) and the UB. In July 1946, Inka was sent to Gdańsk to collect medical supplies. She was arrested by the UB in a flat used by the resistance, after another liaison disclosed its location to the secret police. Inka was imprisoned, interrogated, and subsequently sentenced to death. Her relatives received a note smuggled out from prison saying: “I’m sad that I have to die. Tell grandma that I did the right thing.” Inka was executed on 28 August 1946. Just before being shot, the 17-year-old shouted: “Long live Poland.”


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