Polish Refugee Hypocrisy

Stop This Now!

Stop This Now!

While on the official visit to Germany, the Polish president spoke of thousands of Ukrainian citizens seeking asylum in Poland. While, technically speaking, President Andrzej Duda is correct about the number of Ukrainian refugees who have applied for asylum in Poland, not a single one has received refugee status. Another Polish politician, Robert Biedroń used social media to disseminate an infographic showing the actual numbers for 2014. Polish journalists quickly verified the data and Biedroń was proved correct: out of the 2,253 refugees who applied for asylum in 2014, not even one was granted refugee status, six received Polish extended protection, and 11 were granted tolerated residence permits. Negative decisions were taken in 645 cases and another 372 cases were dismissed. In the first half of 2015, Poland received 1,284 applications for asylum. Again, not a single Ukrainian refugee was granted refugee status, 2 received extended protection, and 3 were granted tolerated residence permits. Tolerated stay differs from refugee status: it does not involve obtaining a new passport or any financial aid; it is also valid for a limited time only, which makes finding a job practically impossible.


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