Polish Economic Mission to Iran

Confident Piechociński

Confident Piechociński

Economy Minister Janusz Piechociński has announced an economic mission to Iran as a part of the Go Iran programme. The mission will take place in mid September and the Minister will be accompanied by 50-60 entrepreneurs from Poland. The agreement on mutual economic cooperation will be signed as soon as possible. “I would like to sign an agreement on mutual economic cooperation with Iran,” declared Piechociński. The Economy Minister also mentioned that during his visit to Tehran a Polish-Iranian Business Forum will take place. The Ministry of Economy in cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce are preparing Polish export proposals in Persian. According to Piechociński, the European Union will maintain their Iranian sanctions until January 2016 and therefore certain restrictions on trade with Iran will remain including restrictions on technology, investments in the Iranian oil and gas industry and limitations on transfers of funds to and from Iran. The Iranian Ambassador to Poland Ramin Mehmanparast has stated that Iran will undertake projects related to oil, gas as well as transport infrastructure. According to ministry data, Polish exports to Iran amounted to €34,9 million in 2014, whereas imports from Iran were worth €22.4 million.


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