Return of Polish Brands

In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands

Maspex Group recently completed the purchase of the rights to the Łowicz, Krakus and Kotlin brands. The same company previously acquired or reactivated other Polish cult brand. Analysts are talking about a re-polonisation but for the President of Maspex it is also something more than just pure business. Krzysztof Pawiński has ensured the public that this is not the end of their acquisitions. He also announced that the company will go public. “There are still many good brands out there that have commercial value and can develop. If we have the chance to develop a business coming from Poland, it would be something incomprehensible from a business point of view not to benefit from this,” he says in an interview with “I have a duty to do good business and we never do this for purely emotional reasons. If, however, with good business comes a cool emotional element, the flavour of the dish tastes better and richer,” answers Krzysztof Pawiński when discussing acquisitions on the Polish market.


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