Stolen Railway Flyover

Road to Nowhere

Road to Nowhere

In Silesia, a thief managed to steal a railway flyover. Impersonating a representative of an existing company, the 40-year-old man used forged papers to obtain permits, hire subcontractors, and, eventually, sell the stolen flyover. The flyover had been closed long before it caught the thief’s eye, which made the job all that much easier. The man had thought of everything: he had all the necessary permits, contracts, and qualifications, and the company whose employee he impersonated does, in fact, handle such works, only legally. Claiming to had been contracted by Polish State Railways (PKP), the fraudster managed to secure a street occupation permit from the district authorities in Mszana. Within two nights, the metal structure of the flyover was cut to pieces and loaded onto lorries, which transported the “scrap metal” to a smelting plant. Upon receiving PLN 40,000 for his trouble, the thief singled out another flyover for dismantlement and began preparations. He was caught only after one of the subcontractors, whom he had failed to reimburse, contacted the real company. The police were notified and the thief arrested. As it transpired, he has already been convicted 17 times.


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