National Reading Campaign

Reading is Sexy

Reading is Sexy

As part of a national reading campaign, primary schools in Warsaw will receive PLN 400,000 for new books. The campaign is addressed to all public, private, and charter schools, and its aim is to promote reading among children and teenagers by subsidising school libraries. The funds are to be used in such a way that pupils’ expectations are met; in particular, the money cannot be used to purchase textbooks. While it is possible to use some of the money for books that pupils are required to read for school, the main goal is to provide children with books that they would like to read for pleasure. Consequently, it will be up to the pupils of a given school to decide what books are purchased. What is more, all subsidised libraries will have to remain available to children also during the winter and summer holidays. Depending on the number of pupils, schools can obtain up to PLN 2,000, provided that they cover 20% of the cost of new books. All of the 199 primary schools in Warsaw and over 1,100 more in Mazovian province have already applied for subsidies. The total cost of the campaign is PLN 20m; it will reach over 13,400 schools in Poland.


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