Divisive Warsaw Marathon

Warsaw Marathon Medal

Warsaw Marathon Medal

The 37th PZU Warsaw Marathon will take place on 27 September, significantly disrupting travel in the capital city. Races like this inevitably paralyse the city and reheat the old debate between enthusiasts and opponents of organising such events in the capital. About 8,000 runners will cover the distance of 42,195 metres in the PZU race. For the first time in years, competitors will not run through the districts of Ursynów and Wilanów, but the route will take them through the districts of Saska Kępa, Gocław, over Świętokrzyski Bridge, into Powiśle district, Łazienki Park, the districts of Żoliborz, Bielany, the Warsaw Citadel, the New Town, Gdański Bridge, and Praga district. This means further problems in an already congested city; some streets will be closed for hours. Residents complain about a lack of information for those who have no choice but to try to and get to work or to a university. Bartosz Milczarczyk from the Municipal Council counters the criticism, saying that the authorities have strived to ensure that the relevant information is widely available. Regardless of how successful, or unsuccessful, this attempt has been, one thing is certain – the issue of marathons in the capital city remains as divisive as ever. Warsaw hosts two annual marathons, which is more than London or Berlin, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. Every year, the total number of races in the capital of Poland reaches about a hundred.


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