Speed Camera Sculpture

Modern Art?

Modern Art?

In Mniszew, a yellow box with a round opening, an antenna, and a flash lamp managed to accomplish what no road sign could: drivers began to respect the speed limit of 50kph. While the box does bear an uncanny resemblance to a speed camera, it is, in fact, a garden decoration or, as its owner prefers to think of it, a sculpture: “This isn’t a dummy speed camera; it’s a modern sculpture. I like industrial art and I wanted it here.” Paweł Perudzki placed the ‘sculpture’ in the corner of his property which borders on a turn of an access road into the village. The idea came to him after a number of accidents with cars and lorries crashing into his fence and, on one occasion, his house. Other residents support the initiative, as cars now slow down as they enter the village, making it easier to cross the street. In theory, an alternative route bypassing the village should have been built by now, but, according to borough leader Marek Drapała, this is not a high priority issue for the General Directorate for National Roads (GDDKiA): “We are currently 844th in line.” Admitting that nothing will change in the near future, the authorities have nothing against Perudzki’s ‘sculpture.’ “It stands outside of the lane, on a private property; it emits no light or sound signals and does not distract drivers,” says Jan Krynicki of GDDKiA.


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