Duda Wave of Popularity

Duda in the House

Duda in the House

In the recent parliamentary elections, one surname was more popular with voters than any other. Candidates who share a surname with the President are particularly sought after. There are now three new MPs and one senator by the name of Duda. Interestingly enough, there was not a single MP called Duda in the previous parliament. Back then, the only Duda to be found in the parliament building was a Civic Platform (PO) senator, Jarosław. The new MPs, much like President Duda, came endorsed by Law and Justice (PiS) and include the uncle of the President. According to sociologist Jarosław Flis, this sudden popularity of candidates sharing the president’s surname calls into question reasons behind the candidates’ success. For instance, Elżbieta Duda managed to secure a seat with 6,555 votes despite being a relatively unknown local politician and standing for election from a low place on her party’s list. Another new MP, Jan Duda, active in Solidarity since the 1980s, garnered 9,100 votes. 8,085 voters chose the President’s uncle, Antoni, head of a local job centre. Interestingly, the previously mentioned PO senator and former deputy minister of labour Jarosław Duda was re-elected with 83,369 votes.


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