European Commission Sues Poland



Poland has been warned, had its wrists slapped, warned again. However, Eastern Europe’s ‘tiger’ has been summoned before the Court of Justice of the EU for violating regulations and disobeying EU law. According to the European Commission, Poland has failed to complete the implementation of an EU banking directive which relates to saving, the controlled bankruptcy of banks, their recovery and organised liquidation. The deadline for implementing the directive expired on 31 December 2014 and was meant to guarantee the stability of the European financial sector and prevent crises in the future. Besides Poland, states such as the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania and Sweden have been also found guilty by the EC. Recently, the European Commission warned 11 countries including Poland for the incomplete implementation of an energy efficiency directive. Unless Warsaw manages to complete the task within 2 months, the case will end up at the Court of Justice of the EU once again. What is more, the EC has criticised Poland for tax discrimination and has called for a change in regulations. Currently, these regulations make pension fees paid into private pension accounts opened in Polish financial institutions much more profitable in terms of taxes than fees paid into the accounts in other EU member states.


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