Education Revolution?

Yet Another Change

Yet Another Change

“Prime Minister Beata Szydło and I are the same age and we both have pleasant memories of our childhood,” said former Minister of National Education Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska. Indeed, back then Polish children started their education at the age of 7 and primary school lasted 8 years, however, much has changed. “Today, in 134 countries of the world children begin education at the age of 6 at most,” Kluzik-Rostkowska continued. According to Poland’s new Prime Minister, one of the most important projects of the new government will be to bring back the old educational system. Kluzik-Rostkowska mentioned that 10 years ago, when Law and Justice was in power, the government was preparing an act lowering the age at which children would go to school to 6. The issue was not whether it was the right move or not, but it was a matter how soon Law and Justice could implement this change. “Today, children have so many developmental incentives that it is right to send them to school as soon as possible,” said Kluzik-Rostkowska. Moreover, the former Minister of National Education noted that children who had started their education at the age of 6 had better test results than those who had gone to school a year later. At the same time, Kluzik-Rostkowska fears that bringing back the old educational system will put teacher jobs at risk and raise costs for parents as 6-year old children will have to stay one year longer in kindergarten.


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