Royal Garden of Light

Wilanów by Night

Wilanów by Night

The Royal Garden of Light is an annual exhibition set up to brighten up the area around Warsaw’s Wilanów Palace in the cold autumn and winter evenings. Every year, thousands of colourful lights are arranged into baroque motifs and floral shapes. Various installations set up across the Wilanów gardens include the King’s Magical Garden, filled with gigantic plants; the Golden Courtyard, complete with a royal coach, and the Garden of Imagination, accompanied by the music of Grieg, Tchaikovsky, and Khachaturian which enhances the visual experience. On Saturdays, guests can also watch so-called mappings: audiovisual 3D displays, which take advantage of the architecture of Wilanów Palace in order to create the illusion of the building coming to life. During these 10-minute shows, King John III Sobieski and his wife, Marie Casimire Louise, appear in the windows of their erstwhile palace, to name but one of the featured attractions. This year’s exhibition will be open to visitors until 13 March 2016.


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