Free Medicine?



According to Konstanty Radziwiłł, the government draft bill designed to provide senior citizens over the age of 75 with free medication is in its final stages. To be precise, the draft is being consulted internally and will be presented to the public. During a press conference, Radziwiłł also informed the audience that the government will implement procedures preventing situations, in which drugs are prescribed to senior citizens, but later acquired by unauthorised persons. What is more, free medicine will be included in a special list that will be part of a medical product list subject to reimbursement. Radziwiłł mentioned that the list of free medications is currently updated every 2 months and will be successively supplemented. Polish Deputy Minister of Health Krzysztof Łanda informed the public that the list will mostly include products used by elderly people and in particular those that can be reimbursed as much as 30% and 50%. At the same time he noted that not all of these medications will land on the ‘S’ list, because some of them might be abused by the customers. Łanda added that the lists of recommended medications for senior citizens will not include food or dietary supplements because public funds are not meant to be spent on technologies of unproven or doubtful efficiency.


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