Official Air Quality App

Saving the Planet

Saving the Planet

On Christmas Eve, the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (GIOŚ) officially launched a new app that provides information on air quality in Poland. The app uses geolocation to pinpoint the closest measuring station and download data, updated every hour, allowing its users to access alerts and warnings for the country and for specific cities. The app features all available air quality measurements as well as emission norms for particular substances. Depending on the concentration of harmful particulate matter, air quality is rated on a 6-degree scale from very good to very bad, where each level is assigned a colour from green to red. If, for example, the air quality is deemed “satisfactory” then spending a long time in the open air combined with physical exertion can have a negative impact on one’s health, and so the app will advise its users to “consider limiting activities in the open air, especially if they require prolonged or strenuous physical effort.” While the new app is not the first of its kind, GIOŚ cautions against using unauthorised programs, citing their unreliability. The official app is available free of charge.
Gazeta Wyborcza


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