Tusk to Return?


PM to become President?

According to Paweł Lisicki, editor-in-chief of right-wing magazine “Do Rzeczy” and a journalist of #dziejesienazywo, the manner in which President of the European Council Donald Tusk argued with Polish President Andrzej Duda during their Monday debate in Brussels, suggests that the former Prime Minister of Poland may have an ace up his sleeve and could take part in future presidential elections in Poland. Lisicki explained that Tusk did not hold back in criticising Duda regarding his allegiances to Law and Justice (PiS) and the violation of the Polish Constitution. “It seems clear to me that Tusk is thinking of challenging Duda in the 2020 elections,” writes Lisicki. On the other hand, however, Paweł Zalewski, a member of Civic Platform (PO) said that Tusk tried to steer Duda away from being an errand boy for PiS head Jarosław Kaczyński. “There is no other European country bar Poland, in which a head of state violates the Constitution,” writes Zalewski. When asked about Tusk’s ambitions of becoming future president of Poland, Zalewski writes that Tusk has at least one and a half year left in the European Council and this is his main focus at the moment. Moreover, according to Zalewski, PiS has already showed what their true intentions are by filling all key positions in Poland with Kaczyński cronies, who actually have little knowledge about or competence in their new roles. For instance, Wojciech Jasiński was appointed head of PKN Orlen, the Polish oil and gas powerhouse, however, Jasiński appears to not even know how to read a balance-sheet. “This problem concerns every nomination undertaken by PiS. It is a disgrace, a nightmare,” writes Zalewski.


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