Marriages Pay Lower Tax

Calculating Marriage

Calculating Marriage

Thanks to a joint tax compliance mechanism, married couples will pay lower taxes. The larger the disproportion in the incomes of spouses, the more beneficial this becomes. While filing your PIT (Personal Income Tax), couples need only fill in one form. In joint tax compliance, income is calculated, but combined only after deductions. Then, we divide the joint income into two and calculate tax on the basis of the tax scale. The actual tax liability is the result multiplied by two. Any tax relief can be deducted from this result. Married couples whose income is significantly unequal, and where one of the spouses’ income is above the tax threshold will benefit most in this situation. This is best illustrated in the example where one spouse does not earn any income at all, and the other makes the minimum amount of PLN 171,056. Then, the total joint annual income will be taxed at a rate of 18%, and the benefit will be PLN 12,529.44.


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