UK in EU – Good for Poles?

There's the Exit, Donald

There’s the Exit, Donald

The UK has been allowed to limit benefits to people from other EU states, however, the cuts do not relate to Poles currently working in the UK. Newcomers to the British Isles, however, should worry as they will not be able to receive benefits for a period of 7 years. “It was a compromise, so each party had to give way. However, the top priority issue for us were the rights of Poles working in the UK,” according to Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło. Things look different for benefits regarding children living in Poland and their parents working in another EU state. Soon, each EU member state will have the right to lower such child benefits. Even though people working abroad will not feel any significant difference until 2020; after that date they will be regarded as ‘newcomers’. This means that their benefits will be adjusted to the standard of living of the country where their children live. According to Szydło, a Polish mother currently working in the UK will not notice any difference, and the freshly introduced ‘500+ family programme’ (offering PLN 500 to a limited number of families) should compensate any possible loss of benefits after 2020. “Poland accepted this compromise to help stop the UK leaving the EU, as its exit would worsen the situation of Poles living there,” she added.


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