Richest Polish Women

Dominika Kulczyk

Dominika Kulczyk

Forbes magazine has published the list of “100 Richest Poles”, in which men are still the leaders. Although, it is worth mentioning that women occupy 19 of the 100 places on the list, in most cases they are there together with their husbands. Individual Polish women-millionaires are rather rare. However, the 2016 list makes much better reading than last year, when only 16 women were on list. It is also worth noting that it was much more difficult to get on the list this year. Last year it was enough to have assets of PLN 240 million. This year, the list is propped up by ice cream moguls Zbigniew and Elżbieta Grycan who have assets of PLN 340 million. On this year’s list we find Dominika Kulczyk, daughter of the recently deceased Jan Kulczyk, together with her brother Sebastian; Elżbieta Filipiak, who runs IT company Comarch, together with her husband; Irena Eris, a leader in the cosmetics industry; and Teresa Mokrysz, founder of Mokate, together with her husband.


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