Abortion Ban Imminent?

Abortion Ban?

Abortion Ban?

The Polish government’s ideas about restricting abortion is an extremely hot topic. Recently, there was a debate in Poland’s Sejm (the Lower House) entitled “Contraception and terminating pregnancies – should we be worried?”, and with it some interesting facts came to light. Professor Romuald Dębski of the Medical University of Warsaw discussed the role of gynaecologists under the new law, and how it may affect their actions in various situations during pregnancies. The new regulations mean doctors will not be allowed to perform certain procedures, under penalty of a 3-year prison sentence. “If a foetus has pre-eclampsia in its 32nd week, I will have to let the baby die. If I perform a Caesarean and the baby dies, I could face a 3-year sentence,” said Professor Dębski. Moreover, Draginja Nadazdin, the director of Amnesty International Polska, broached the subject of women who have had a miscarriage and could be investigated by the public prosecutor wishing to discover whether or not they have committed a crime. Many experts are alarmed at the consequences of the new legislation and wish it to be discussed in greater detail to help the Polish public understand what it will mean.


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